Pricing Strategy
Some Examples of Our Work

For an online B2B marketplace: developed a pricing strategy and business model to transition from advertising-supported to subscription-based pricing.  Work included quantitative market research (online survey, conjoint analysis), business modeling and revenue forecasting

Result:  Client successfully transitioned to subscription-based pricing, grew revenue by 160% and achieved profitability (16% EBITDA).

For an educational software company with complex product line and multi-channel distribution strategy: developed pricing strategy, including financial impact assessment that included estimating lifetime value of customers.

Result:  Client simplified its pricing strategy in order to reduce selling time and sales life cycle while maintaining gross margins.

For a start-up SaaS company: developed pricing levels and structure (subscription pricing) based on quantitative pricing research and comparative industry pricing models.

Result:  Client successfully launched its SaaS business application, raising additional rounds of venture capital and achieving market success and profitability.

For a global computer networking company: recommended selective price adjustments in portions of its product line and in certain geographic regions.  Work included quantitative research among IT professionals, competitive price analysis and financial impact assessment of price modifications.

Result:  Client was able to raise its average price by ~10% while having a negligible impact on volume.  Revenue increase dropped to the bottom line.