New Product Concepts
Some Examples of Our Work

For a global computer networking company: validated concept for new certification product through qualitative research among IT networking professionals and analysis of fit within existing product offerings and potential cannibalization.

Result:  Client launched new certification that filled gap in offerings and expanded pool of certified customers.

For a global computer peripherals company:  evaluated viability of new product concept through qualitative research and competitive analysis and recommended against pursuing development of the product.

Result:  Client saved $1.5 million in development costs alone by not pursuing development of this product line.

For a software company:  collaborated with internal development team to generate new product concepts and rapidly assess their viability.

Result:  Client was able to sharpen its development focus on a few high-potential product concepts.

For a digital document security company:  tested new product concept using qualitative research (series of focus groups among targeted segments of professionals) and recommended against developing the product.

Result:  Client saved significant time and resources by focusing its efforts in a different direction.