Stop Bad Marketing Decisions

Good marketing alone cannot make your business successful, but bad marketing decisions can kill a new product or clip the wings of a fledgling business. Here’s how you can really blow it:

  • picking the wrong target markets or market segments
  • not addressing customer pain points with compelling benefits
  • not effectively positioning your product against competing solutions
  • getting the pricing and business model wrong
  • pursuing a distribution strategy that is a mismatch for your market and product
  • investing in the marketing tactic du jour without regard to business results

We help you avoid these mistakes and lay the foundation for market success.

Technology Startups:  Avoid “Marketing Fail”
Coming up with an outstanding product or service is a tremendous accomplishment. Don’t screw it up with bad marketing decisions.

You need to create a coherent marketing story that gets the funding you need at the valuation you want. You need a plan to succeed in the marketplace.

We can help. We clearly define initial target market segments that you can dominate, address customer pain points with compelling benefits, innovate business models and pricing strategies that yield strong financial results, and plan your go-to-market approach.

Startup Investors:  Reduce Market and Execution Risk
You can’t take the risk out of investing in technology startups, but you can mitigate some risks by getting a sound marketing foundation in place.

We work with your portfolio companies to create this foundation. This means identifying an initial target market that is large enough to be meaningful yet focused enough to master. It means crafting messaging that conveys a strong competitive position and compelling value proposition. It means making sure the product is priced right and delivered through the right channels.

We create a marketing strategy that drives successful execution so that your companies don’t waste funds on scattershot marketing execution.